We build
intelligent cities.

Who We Are

We are a smart city platform company that provides a turn-key solution for existing and ground-up developments, either built and owned by 22 CityLink, for 3rd party developers or in public- private partnerships. At the crossroads of efficiency and sustainability, our innovative and state-of-the-art platform provides an environment where people, businesses, and governments can flourish. Our holistic approach combines the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to tailor and adapt to the needs of each citizen, while providing businesses and governments the information needed to create a world-class, citizen-centric experience. Welcome to The Future of Living™.

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What We Do

We have assembled a world-class team capable of building smart cities of any scale. By taking a holistic approach to development, where we own and manage the entire project lifecycle, we provide a turn-key approach to deploying smart cities anywhere around the globe. Our platform removes roadblocks and obstacles to development which dramatically reduces large-scale project timelines, costs, collaboration, and improves overall quality.

This exciting project highlights the transformative role that cutting-edge technology is playing in today’s building—and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of constructing a new wave of smart cities.

—Dan McQuade, Group President of AECOM’s Construction Services

How We Do It

We look at all aspects of life, integrating all of the information into a holistic view. This unified approach is critical to the success of a smart city because we believe that collaboration between both public and private entities is necessary for overall efficiency, sustainability and quality improvement. By implementing state of the art energy, construction and green building techniques, our developments are sustainable. But smart cities are not without costs, and there has to be a reason to make significant private sector investments into smart cities. This is where the 22 CityLink platform shines, providing abilities to monetize the experiences and interactions of the businesses and residents.


By combining artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques, we create a highly personalized and customized engagement model.


Through a holistic approach, we have developed a natural separation of information and visualization based on how people and businesses experience life.


We are creating the perfect blend between large enterprises, emerging mid-market companies and entrepreneurs.



This base connectivity layer is a managed communication and data fabric, which will provide universal access and practically unlimited bandwidth. Multiple telephone, cable or wireless operators can already provide an unlimited bandwidth, but access must be ubiquitous. The communication and data fabric is secured, providing on-demand and dynamic network services, and enables seamless IoT connectivity and communications.


Plug & Play

The ability to access any device on a network has never been possible without special software. We are creating a new standard that allows any device to be visible and securely managed the moment it connects to the Smart City.


Smart Applications

This third layer is where our smart applications reside. These new horizontal applications will be able to crossover and understand the correlation between the residential, commercial, government and retail data. These applications are broken into ten pillars: Smart Building, Smart Education, Smart Energy, Smart Engagement, Smart Finance, Smart Healthcare, Smart Mobility, Smart Operations, Smart Retail, and Smart Safety. The pillars represent the logical grouping of applications and end user experiences. A modern Smart City will generate an enormous amount of data. Each Pillar will provide an interface to multiple organizations and their applications.


Big Data

Through the ongoing collection of behavior, location, health, and related demand or consumption data, huge gains are possible in all aspects of the Smart City. Modern smart applications will deliver a truly customized and personalized experience every day. With this data, the Smart Applications can see trends and look for potential opportunities, risks or failures and take preventive actions. Soon, the Smart City will be a living collaboration of man and machine.


Artificial Intelligence

This layer is for deep learning and continuous improvement. This is possible by applying cognitive computing, learning and predictive analytics to the collected data.

Moving Forward

With these layers and pillars, we have the essential pieces for an Intelligent City Platform. In review, to succeed there needs to be a change in cooperation, a change to policies and governance models to support a holistic view, increased bandwidth and data accessibility, simplicity in on-ramping any device, person, business, location, or smart application, smart applications that take into account the whole experience, big data to store information, metrics to measure performance, and finally artificial intelligence for constant improvement.Our goal is improved quality of life in a sustainable, efficient, safe environment. We will measure this through how engaged the citizen is by tracking the quality of their experience. This data will show tangible gains in overall quality of life are made whether through simplicity, automation, predictive analytics or other cognitive tools.